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GAC/KDF is one of our standard water filter cartridges that uses a combination of Granular Activated Carbon and patented KDF Media.


The Premium Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon is effective at reducing chlorine, taste and odor.

The KDF media is bacteriostatic meaning that it inhibits bacteria growth from within the cartridge itself. In addition, KDF media also effectively removes lead, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and other contaminants that may be in your water supply. (1 lb. of KDF-55) replace annually).

Lead & Heavy Metal Cartridge

  • 10" cartridge fits all standard housings and contains a high quality GAC and KDF-55 to remove all the chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and carcinogens. This filter will also reduce the floride, remove lead and heavy metals like arsenic and mercury from the water. This filter also kills bacteria and preventsits growth. Contact us for more information or with your concerns.