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Aqua City Inc

Aqua City, Inc. manufactures and markets a complete line of water filters, purifiers, water treatment, and environmental products world wide. Aqua City’s motto is "Your Water Solution Company" for all your water problems and solutions.


Aqua City has a complete line of maintenance free water filters, purifiers, and treatment systems. A complete line of Bacteriostatic (inhibits bacteria growth) Water Treatment systems which will remove; chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, TCE’s, THM’s, PCB’s, lead, along with other carcinogens and bacteria.


Aqua City also has replaceable cartridge water filtration and purification systems with a wide range of replaceable cartridges to choose from. In addition, Aqua City also has Reverse Osmosis systems, desalination systems, and a complete engineering staff to design a special system for you.


Another side of Aqua City is its environmentally friendly products to clean Grease Traps and Interceptors, Colloidal Cleaners, Soil Remediation, Magnetizers, and other related products for Food Processing, Restaurants, Vehicle Maintenance, Utilities, Marine & RV Manufacturing, Hospitals, Health Care, Prisons, Farming, Graffiti Deterrence, and Lubrication to name a few which will make this world safer for our children and our children’s children.


Since Aqua City does it all, it has always been our philosophy to make sure we recommend the best product at the best price and a virtually low maintenance solution for your needs. Aqua City always warranties all its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship and always offers the consumer a thirty (90) day money back guarantee from date of purchase. Simply stated, "If your not 100% satisfied with our products, return it for a complete refund". Aqua City strives to be #1 in Customer Satisfaction, #1 in Quality and #1 in Service. Contact us today for a free quote or to answer any questions & concerns.


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