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Specially designed for use with ice machines, the Hydro-Flow RS-315 offers dirt reduction, scale protection and reduced slime, all in a single cartridge.

  • Does not contain carbon
  • Ideal for foodservice operations where baking of breads and pastries is done on-site
  • Allows chlorine and chloramines present in the influent municipal stream to pass through, helping to inhibit bacterial growth and slime in the ice machine and ice bin, reducing the risk of health inspection violations
  • Chlorine passes into the ice machine which facilitates compliance with ASHRAE Standard 188P in hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Reduces sediment and particulate down to 1/2-micron by mechanical means
  • Reduces cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means*
  • Scale inhibition protects your ice machine from scale damage that can increase energy and service costs, and cause equipment downtime
  • Bayonet style L 15" x W 3.25"
  • Capacity 9,000 gal.
  • FlowRate 1.67gpm

Hydro-Flow RS-315, dirt. scale, slime reduction