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In-Line Purifier Removes Chlorine, Harmful Chemicals, and taste & odor. Last up to 9,000 gallons. Comes standard with 1/4'' compression fittings. For fitting options select 'Add-on'.
Size: 2.5'' x 9''
Micron Rating: 1
Fittings: Standard 1/4'' female pipe thread

AIM-3 Filter Replacement

Select Fitting Add On
Select Fleetwood Add On
  • Notes: Replaces old model ABS-30 used on older model Beaver & Fleetwood RV. Can replace filter on RVs & Boats by reusing old fitting. Unscrew old fitting, apply new Teflon tape around threads and re-screw fitting back into filter. Please do not over-tighten, may cause filter to crack. Last up to 9,000 gallons. Suggested to replace annually.